AGM 2018


Annual General Meeting 2018

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the Society Chair will give a presentation on the main developments in the business and members present have the opportunity to raise questions and put forward their views. All members of the Board are present at the AGM each year (unless exceptionally their absence is unavoidable) and the Senior Independent Board Member and the Chairs of the Audit & Risk, Staffing, Salaries and Nominations and Investment Committees are there available to answer questions.


Unlike many insurers, we are mutual, owned by you, our members, and run only for your benefit. By using your vote at our AGM you can let us know what you think and have your say in what we do for you.


This year, you have a choice of three ways in which to do this:


  1. Vote online. Online voting now closed.

  2. Vote by post by returning the Proxy Voting Form that is in your AGM pack which you should have received by post.

  3. Come to the meeting in person.


We would really like to see you at the meeting where you can meet the Board of Management and some of your fellow members. We understand that it may not be possible or practical for you to attend but this need not prevent you from having your say. Please take a little of your time to cast your vote as it is important to us and in your interest to do so.


If you are not able to attend the meeting and still wish to have your say, please click on the Relations With Members button above for more information on how to do this.


Whichever method you use, the buttons at the top of the page contain sufficient information to help you make an informed decision.


  1. The Financial Statements contain the financial results for last year and the reports of the Chair, the Board of Management and the Auditor's report to you, the members.

  2. You will find the Board Remuneration Report on page 36 of the Financial Statements.

  3. You will find brief biographies of the Board members, for whom you are asked to vote, on page 4 of the Financial statements. We recommend you vote for the candidates put forward because all are widely experienced professionals who represent the various skills and professions required to ensure that your Board has a balanced mix of skills and is well qualified to run the Society on your behalf.

  4. We recommend you vote for the reappointment of Moore Stephens as they are experienced in providing services specific to the Holloway Income Protection sector.

  5. Arbitrators are to be appointed as required under the Society's Rules. They are available to members to assist in the resolution of disputes. However, they do not replace nor are they an alternative to the Financial Ombudsman Service to whom you have a statutory right to refer disputes or complaints in the first instance. We recommend you vote for the candidates put forward because all will be able to provide a balanced, independent assessment of such matters that may arise.


The Society has chosen not to send a copy of its Annual Report and Accounts (Financial Statements) to every member with its invitation to attend the AGM and Proxy Voting Form. If you would like to read our Strategic Report, you will find it on page 9 of the Financial Statements.


If you would like to download the Financial Statements, please right click on the second button above and click "Save target as...'. The Financial Statements are provided in PDF format so you will require an appropriate reader for your device, please contact the Society if you have any problems.


We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.


The results of your votes will be published on this website shortly after the meeting.