AGM 2022

The 2022 AGM was held on 28 June 2022.


We are a mutual, owned by you our members and run only for your benefit. By using your vote, you let us know what you think and have your say in what we do.

The meeting was held at Holloway House, attended by the Society Board and Management Team and members of the Society.

Members were able to vote on a number of motions, as indicated in the Notice of AGM.


We are now pleased to share the following information with you.


Key Comments from the Society Chair

  • Very pleased to be presenting her first statement as the Society’s Chair having taken over the role in April of this year.
  • Delighted to say that the Society had come through the pandemic challenges very well and that the Society remained financially strong, even after all the social and economic challenges of 2021.
  • It had really been business as usual – the Society was fully operational and is now getting back to the sales growth initiatives it had previously planned.
  • The Society was here as an Income Protection provider to pay claims and last year we paid 96.33% of all claims, which truly demonstrated the value of the plans our members had.

More information from the AGM can be found in the Minutes below.


Our Financial Statements 2021

For more detailed information about our financial performance and business strategy, as well as the way we work, take a look at our Financial Statements 2021.

The Voting Results AGM 2022

We are pleased to announce voting results and the resolutions passed.

The Minutes of the AGM 2022

You can read more about the meeting and the Board of Management presentations that happened at the meeting.