Meeting Your Client's Needs

We value the contribution advisers bring to our business, supporting our existing partner relationships and welcoming new ones.


As an adviser you will be an expert in the market and have a talent for finding the best cover at the best price. Therefore, we have worked with our adviser partners to help develop both our existing and new products.


However, we know that selecting a provider to meet your clients’ Income Replacement Insurance needs isn’t just about price. You also need to consider the product terms and the level of service they can expect throughout the lifetime of the plan.

Our aim is to make your decision easier with a straightforward approach that we hope you and your clients will appreciate.

As a mutual organisation we run our business in a way that puts the needs of our members first. There are a number of benefits to this approach, we: 

  • Are flexible to assist you in meeting your clients’ needs.
  • Have dedicated new business and scheme administration contacts.
  • Aim to make sure any claim is assessed and benefit is paid as efficiently as possible.

For more information about our group and individual plans, please click on the relevant button below.


Policy highlights include

  • From as few as 5 lives (and we may consider less dependent on scheme request)
  • A choice of deferred periods from only 4 weeks
  • Own occupation definition of incapacity in all cases
  • Option to offer alternative occupation definition at reduced cost
  • Cover up to 75% of gross earnings which can include dividends
  • 100% 'blue collar' schemes considered
  • 'Closed' schemes considered on request
  • Free Cover Limits to reduce medical underwriting requirements
  • Commission terms available on request


You will no doubt agree that Group Income Protection makes sense as part of an employee benefits package. An Employer might also initially agree with you, though an issue can arise when it comes down to the associated cost.


Our Group Personal Income Replacement Plan helps solve that problem.


Wiltshire Friendly has developed a way that the Employer can establish a plan for its employees, on Group rates, but with the employee deciding to take out the plan themselves and directly funding it.


Our aim was to keep the plan straightforward to both understand and apply for:


Policy highlights include


  • It is protection only and pays out benefit for up to 2 years
  • There are 3 choices of deferred periods
  • Benefit level comes as 4 standard tiers with the option to request higher levels of cover
  • Medical underwriting process is simplified to 2 stages - an initial medical & lifestyle questionnaire on the application, more detailed underwriting only as required
  • The information and application process can be run from the Employers intranet or direct to Wiltshire Friendly

Sickness Income Plus

Our current Individual Income Replacement Plan, Sickness Income Plus, is designed to pay regular benefit to replace part of regular income that is lost when unable to work because of illness or injury. The plan also aims to pay a cash sum when reaching the plan retirement age - it is a ‘Holloway’ plan.


We understand that choosing an Income Replacement Plan for your clients can be a difficult choice due to the variety of plans available. As a mutual we put our members first. We don’t look for excuses to refuse genuine claims – we know that’s when they need us most.


Our approach to new business underwriting is simple, we will look at all occupation types and medical conditions. For those more complex situations, where we can help, any associated terms will be clear from the outset and, where we cannot help, we will explain why.

Photo of Gavin Puzas

Gavin Puzas

Sales & Business Development Consultant 01225 756787
Photo of Gavin Puzas

Gavin Puzas

Sales & Business Development Consultant

01225 756787

Gavin has worked in the insurance industry for over a decade in various servicing, sales and business development roles. He has gained a wide understanding of the insurance market. 


Gavin joined the Society in late 2019, working as the Society’s Sales and Business Development Consultant. This is a key role in talking to existing, and new members, about their memberships and income protection needs. Gavin is also the key contact for intermediaries looking to advise on the Society’s individual and group products. 


Outside of work Gavin enjoys DIY, being by the sea and hot weather. 

Photo of Jon Cummings

Jon Cummings

Senior Operations Administrator 01225 756794
Photo of Jon Cummings

Jon Cummings

Senior Operations Administrator

01225 756794

Jon’s background is in the Financial Services industry working for Financial institutions.


Working with the Society since November 2016, Jon has oversight and control of all aspects of the new business processes.


Jon is a sports enthusiast, and when family life allows him to, he enjoys playing golf, football and skiing.