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Group Personal Income Replacement Plan

Your members are important to your Club. Our Group Personal Income Replacement Plan enables you, as a Club, to put in place your own insurance scheme. The members then choose to join, pay for the cover themselves and receive the claim payment directly.

The plan enables those insured to receive a proportion of their earnings should they be unable to work due to illness or injury and subsequently lose income.

Your members can choose what level of insurance they want, from a simple menu of options, and benefit from the competitive contributions rates that come with a Group Income Protection scheme.

The process is simple too – run from your own website and linking directly through to our website to access the required documents.

To find out more, please access the Process Guide below and then the supporting documents which will explain how the plan works and what it costs.

Working For Our Members

We understand that choosing an insurer you can trust to provide income replacement insurance is a big decision. Our team will guide you through the process.

If you want to find out more about how our unique plans can help your club, please enter your details into the contact form, to request a no obligation callback.

Alternatively, please speak to our Sales Consultant, Josh Padfield using the details at the bottom of the page.

Wiltshire Friendly Society is a mutual* which means we only work for our members. Being a mutual means that we are owned by our members and have no shareholders to consider.

We don’t look for excuses to refuse genuine claims – we know that’s when our members need us most. Instead we aim to make sure claims are assessed and benefit is paid as efficiently as possible.


*Association of Financial Mutuals - UK insurance companies are all authorised and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and/or the Financial Conduct Authority. Most are either 'Mutuals' or public limited companies (PLCs). Mutual organisations are those not owned by external shareholders (like a PLC) but work for, and only answers to customers like you. To find out more go to


Photo of Josh Padfield

Josh Padfield

Sales Consultant 01225 756784
Photo of Josh Padfield

Josh Padfield

Sales Consultant

01225 756784

One of our newest recruits, Josh joined the Society in November 2016 from the Financial Services Industry, predominantly in pensions. Working as a Sales Consultant is a new career path for Josh and one that he is extremely excited about. He also mans the ‘sales desk’ for all sales related queries.


Josh is also on the road meeting current and potential members, demonstrating the importance of income protection, using his first-hand experiences within his own family to illustrate the impact of not having income protection.


If you have any queries in regards to our Group or Rugby Income Protection plans, please do not hesitate to contact Josh.


Josh is a major sports fanatic, with his favorites being; football, rugby, American football and tennis.

Photo of Alan Godfrey

Alan Godfrey

Senior Society Adviser 07720 181696
Photo of Alan Godfrey

Alan Godfrey

Senior Society Adviser

07720 181696

Alan is the ‘old man’ of the team – 46 years with the Society, a Trowbridge local, and no sign of that stopping as he still loves coming to work! His current role is to provide service to existing Holloway members, give advice and support to those wanting to start new plans. His motivation is to know that most of the new plans come from referrals we receive from happy existing members.


Alan is an avid Bradford Football Club supporter and a keen gardener, his vegetable crop keeps the Society staff well fed throughout the year.