Making a Claim

Protecting your income

At Wiltshire Friendly Society we never lose sight that we are here to provide support when your income is lost through illness or injury which stops you from being able to work.


What do you need to do to make a claim?

  • Get in touch with one of our Claims team below. They will record the details of your situation and send you a claim form.
  • Please ensure you get in touch with us within 14 days of the start of your illness or injury.
  • Return your claim form to us. This will enable us to contact your GP for medical information and your employer or accountant about your income.
  • You’ll also need to provide a medical certificate dating from the first day of your illness or injury.
  • We’ll use the information to assess your claim and will then confirm to you if it falls within the terms of your plan and include any benefit payment details.
  • As part of our ongoing claims management process we’ll be in touch regularly to understand how your incapacity is affecting you and we may ask you to attend consultations or interviews with healthcare and other professional advisers appointed by us.

Our aim is to make your claim as straightforward and easy as possible.

Photo of Deborah Chivers

Deborah Chivers

Senior Benefit Claims Administrator

01225 756789

Deborah Chivers

Our longest standing office based member of staff, joining the society in 1993. Deborah liaises with GPs and assists in the approval and underwriting of claims. In addition, she helps manage sickness benefit claim queries.


Deborah is an avid reader, enjoys spending time gardening and walking her dog.