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Professional Rugby Players now have more choice


Our Personal Income Replacement for Professional Rugby Players Lite Plan has now launched. 


This is in addition to our Standard Plan and gives Professional Rugby Players more choice. 


Jon Gratland, Chief Executive, commented:


“We wanted to build on our experience of insuring Professional Rugby Players and give them more options when considering their income protection needs – a player now has the choice as to whether they want a shorter benefit term and a cheaper premium, or a longer benefit term which they are happy to pay for.”


Features of the Lite Plan are: 


  • Up to 1 year benefit paid for each valid claim
  • Deferred period options 26, 39, 52 weeks, to link to Club sick pay
  • Max cover level 60% of £97,500 = £58,500 per annum, £4,875 per month
  • Age at entry premium rates between 18 and 32
  • Plan ceases at age 35


You can find out more about our Lite and Standard Rugby Plans here.