Protecting Working Women



Without income protection insurance providing them with a financial safety net, women would not be in an ideal financial position if they were no longer able to work and would be forced to rely on savings, their partner’s income or government handouts. Wiltshire Friendly Society offers women an opportunity to protect their income, so that in the event of injury or illness, they would receive a monthly amount to support themselves and their families.

Many women, especially mothers, have a tendency to think of everyone else first and put their needs last on the list; and they often don’t have any financial contingency, such as income protection insurance, in place in the event of illness or injury. Whilst many women understand the importance of looking after themselves, it is likely they haven’t considered the far reaching financial consequences of an illness or injury.

With the gender gap in the workplace gradually becoming closer, and the fact that we are now seeing more women as the main breadwinner in the household, it appears that almost half of women in the workplace are neglecting to protect their income with adequate insurance that could safeguard them and their family if they suddenly found themselves unable to work. We are finding more interest amongst women in business and we are supporting marketing campaigns to reach out to this important sector.