New members on the Society's Board of Management

As recently reported in the Financial Statements, the Society has been working on refreshing its Board of Management as part of its succession planning. We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new non-executive members of the Board who will take up their posts in October.


Chris Gould’s background is in senior sales leadership and general management in both the IT and Banking sectors. His experience will be important in helping the Society develop and deliver its strategy, particularly in relation to sales growth and IT development.


Henrietta Brown works as Business Development Director for Inspire, the Wessex Association of Chambers of Commerce. There is a strong connection between the work Inspire does, in supporting the business community, and the services the Society offers in supporting and insuring both sole traders and businesses. We will therefore be looking to use Henrietta’s experience when speaking to the business community, to explain and promote what the Society has to offer.


Jon Gratland

Chief Executive